Skin Cancer: Exploring Superficial Radiotherapy as a Gentle Alternative  

Skin cancer affects millions of people all over the world. It has a formidable nature that requires continuous advancements in treatment options. Traditionally, surgery and excision have long been the standard treatment. This article recognizes an alternative method for skin cancer, Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT).     Understanding Skin Cancer: A Pervasive Threat   Skin cancer is the most […]

Eczema Triggers and Treatments

Eczema is a term that describes inflammation of the skin when part of the immune system is imbalanced. There are several types of eczema.    Common types of eczema include:   Contact Dermatitis  Seborrheic Dermatitis  Nummular Dermatitis  Stasis Dermatitis  Atopic Dermatitis  Dermatitis Herpeiformis   Individuals who suffer from this condition often experience symptoms such as itchy, […]