Mohs Surgery

in Leesburg Florida

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is the most successful technique for treating the two most common types of skin cancer today – basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. The Mohs procedure is done in stages including lab work, while the patient waits. This approach allows for complete removal of cancerous cells providing the highest possible cure rate. In addition, because Mohs surgery is done in stages, the surgeon is able to spare healthy tissue resulting in the least amount of scarring. Mohs micrographic surgery is the most advanced, precise, and successful treatment for a variety of skin cancer types.

Award-Winning Mohs Surgeon in Leesburg Florida

Dermatologist The Villages FL Dr Johnny Gurgen

Top 1% of Mohs Surgeons Nationwide

Dr. Gurgen is double-certified in Mohs Micrographic Surgery by the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology and the American Society of Mohs Surgery. Before starting Leesburg Dermatology & Mohs Surgery, Dr. Gurgen worked exclusively as a Mohs Surgeon, performing thousands of Mohs Surgeries, ranking him in the top 1% of all Mohs Surgeons nationwide.

Patients’ Choice Award 10 Years in a Row!

Dr. Gurgen has been recognized as one of Florida’s Favorite Physicians, receiving the “Patients Choice Award” every year since 2012. Quality Measures and Patient Ratings are analyzed to determine the physicians admired most by their patients in communities across the country.

Most Compassionate Doctor Award

Received for “treating patients with the utmost kindness”, Dr. Johnny Gurgen has been awarded the “Most Compassionate Doctor Award” every year since 2012. 

On-Time Doctor Award

Reported by his patients on a 3rd party site, Dr. Johnny Gurgen received the “On-Time Doctor Award” for the shortest average wait time.

Other Awards

2008 “Intendis Research Award”
2008 “5th Annual North American Clinical Dermatologic Society Research Award”

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How Does Mohs Surgery Work?

During surgery the surgeon examines the tissue specimen for skin cancer cells after each removal of tissue, while the patient waits. Each examination tells the surgeon where to remove tissue next. This step approachy allows for the removal of skin cancer with a very narrow surgical margin and a high cure rate. Because the Mohs procedure is micrographically controlled, it provides precise removal of the cancerous tissue, while healthy tissue is spared.

Success Rate of Mohs Surgeons

Mohs surgery has the highest success rate because it evaluates 100% of the surgical margins. During the Mohs process, skin cancer is surgically removed layer by layer and examined under a microscope by the Mohs Surgeon. This process is repeated until healthy, cancer-free tissue is achieved (clear margins). Because the Mohs Surgeon is trained as a surgeon, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon, the success rate for Mohs Surgery is the highest among all treatments for skin cancer – up to 99%.

Advantages of Mohs Surgery Include:

  • Thorough and verified cancer removal during surgery, eliminating the chance that the cancer can grow back
  • Minimizing the amount of healthy tissue removed
  • Minimizing the scarring resulting from surgery
  • Surgical repair of the cancer removal site is often the same day
  • Skin cancer is cured where other methods have failed

Other skin cancer treatment methods blindly estimate the quantity of tissue to remove, which can result in the loss of too much healthy skin tissue, or not enough – resulting in cancer re-growth.

This is what our Patients have said about our Mohs Surgery Clinic in Leesburg…

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