How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Ultraviolet (UV) rays damage the skin. As time goes by, the more exposed you are to these UV rays; the more likely you are to see changes to your skin. This would make your skin look older than you would naturally without this exposure.

The changes you may experience in your skin include:

  • Winkles.
  • Age spots.
  • Spider veins.
  • Loose skin.
  • A blotchy complexion.

If you use tanning beds, there is a higher chance that you’ll notice these changes in a shorter time. This means within a few years you may see wrinkles developed.

The medical term used to describe these changes is “photoaging.” It is also known as premature aging or sun-damaged skin. As the damage starts to build up over time, you may find that your skin starts to develop deep lines or dry and scaly patches. This is known as actinic keratosis which is a pre-cancerous growth. Sun damage has a chance of developing into cancer.

While a lot of the damage caused by the UV rays are permanent, treatment is available to make sure the photoaging can be reduced as significantly as possible. To treat the signs of aging, there is often more than one type of treatment used by board-certified dermatologists. These different forms of treatments are used to treat the different signs of aging. It would also help individuals to develop a natural and healthy appearance to make sure they don’t look like any “work” has been done to their skin.

Although there is treatment available to reduce the signs of aging from the UV rays, it is suggested that you should start protecting your skin from the sun as much as possible. If you use tanning beds, the best thing would be to stop that.

Without the right protection from harmful UV rays, you may experience:

  • Side effects from treatments.
  • The failure to receive the results you seek.
  • A continuation of the damage to the skin.

Using the right protection methods from the sun would also be able to reverse and slow down the signs of aging. To receive the best results from sun protection, you should continue your forms of protection every day.

It is also essential to remember that the results of your treatment depend on the skill and knowledge of the person performing your treatment. When you’re working with a board-certified dermatologist for his/her services, you should look for one who:

  • Has thorough knowledge skin treatments.
    Without an experienced dermatologist, you may see only partial or no results. The right dermatologist would be able to thoroughly analyze your skin to see what treatment would be right for you.
  • Performs the right treatment in a medical office or surgical suite.
    Sanitary services are essential to make sure the procedure is a success.
  • Thoroughly checks your skin for cancer before treating your sun-damaged skin.
    The risk of skin cancer isn’t something to meddle with. Since sun-damaged skin has a risk of being developed into skin cancer it is essential to make sure your skin is checked for cancer. If you’re looking for a competent dermatologist to make sure you receive the best treatment possible o maintain your skin health, Johnny Gurgen Dermatology is the place for you. Dr. Gurgen is one of the best dermatologists in the villages FL. We provide attentive and caring services for all your skin care needs. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.