How Can You Get Rid Of Age Spots?

Age spots can make someone feel troubled about their skin. If you feel like your age spots are telling people you’ve gotten older, there are options to fade those spots as much as possible. There are even possibilities to get rid of them completely. However, to get rid of age spots, you should remember to protect your skin while being able to receive the best results for your treatments.

There are typically 2 forms of treatments that would be handed out for age spots. These include:


For these forms of treatments, it would normally involve the use of creams and lotions. To use these, however, it would require discipline. To see positive results, you should be able to apply these creams and lotions for the specified times suggested by your dermatologist. You may also have to apply these creams and lotions for several weeks or even months. When it comes to these ointments, there are plenty of options available. Multiple manufacturing companies state that their ointments would get rid of age spots. A lot of these products are also available for purchase without a prescription.

However, before purchasing any of these products it is essential to remember that there is a chance of side effects and they could be harmful to your health.

If you’re considering skin care products for your skin conditions, it is recommended that you consult a board-certified dermatologist first. A proper dermatologist would be able to recommend the right products to use on your skin that would cause little to no harm to your health.

Finding a skilled dermatologist would also be able to save you the time and money of trying to find out what products are right for your skin. Additionally, the right dermatologist would be able to determine if you require a prescription medication while being able to tell if it would be harmful to your health or not.


The procedures for age spots are a little more complicated. These procedures include laser therapy or chemical peels. These types of treatment are known to work faster and be more effective. However, these procedures may have a higher risk of causing side effects and would normally cost a lot.

When it comes to laser treatments, a single or two treatments can show significant results quickly. Also, you could have longer-lasting results than with skin lightening creams. However, laser procedures do come with side effects such as darkening of age spots for a short time. Chemical peeling is effectively known for treating age spots on hand. A study was conducted to show that 50% of individual performing chemical peels got positive results through their procedures. While there are other procedures available for skin peeling to lighten age spots, chemical peeling comes with the advantage of healing faster.

Whatever the method you may choose for the lightening of your age spots, it is essential to visit the best possible dermatologist clinic to determine the best possible option for you. Villages dermatology clinic, Johnny Gurgen Dermatology is one of the best dermatologist clinics in the state known for effective services. We cater to various skin care needs through only the best procedures and products. If that’s what you are looking for, contact us now to schedule an appointment!