Facts A Dermatologist Wants You To Know About Your Skin

More than a handful of sites and beauty blogs online are dedicated to providing skincare tips for everyone. But bear in mind that not all those tips actually work on everyone and can sometimes do more harm than good. Also, these beauty gurus are rarely professionals in the field to be giving the best skincare advice. So here are a few facts a qualified Dermatologist would want you to know about skincare. Hopefully, this will help dispel at least a few bogus skincare myths circulating around online.

How important is sunscreen?

Sunscreen is as crucial as the air you breathe. It needs to be a part of your daily skincare routine. And the sunscreen in your makeup or moisturizer is not enough to be completely safe from the risk of skin cancer. Also, dark skin has a natural SPF of 13.4 opposing to the 3.4 in fair skin. Even then, that is below the minimum SPF of 15. Therefore, sunscreen is essential for all skins irrespective of skin color.

Do expensive moisturizers work better than their cheap counterparts?

Are you saving up to buy that expensive brand of moisturizer that your favorite celebrity endorses? There may not be any added advantage of switching to an expensive one by ditching your current moisturizer. Most inexpensive moisturizers usually do the trick and work very well to remedy dry and oily skin.

Family history and moles increase the risk of melanoma

The risk of getting melanoma increases by about 50% if a first-degree relative has had it. Also, the more moles you have, the more at risk you are at developing melanoma. If you have more than 10 atypical moles, the risk increases by about 12 times. It is generally advised to get a skin cancer exam done annually. But if you are at a higher risk, you may have to get one done at least twice a year.

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin.

We’ve all heard about (and maybe tried) more than a few natural remedies for our skin problems. But expert advice is that over-the-counter or prescribed medication is a better shot at it. That is because natural ingredients can sometimes have certain unwanted side-effects. For example, certain natural products can induce the production of estrogen and thus the development of physical characteristics. But on the other hand, over-the-counter and prescribed medication have been tested for their side-effects.

Good news for chocolate lovers!

Last but not least, comes the good news you’ve all been waiting for. Have you been avoiding chocolate afraid that that’s what’s causing your acne? There is no need to boycott chocolate anymore. Chocolate is probably not the cause of your acne, especially not dark chocolate. Dairy products and simple sugars may be the real culprit here.

Even though you can learn so much about skin care by referring to various sources such as the internet, books etc., it is recommended to seek professional help when it comes to skin problems. Johnny Gurgen Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute can help you identify and treat any kind of skin condition properly and to ensure healthy skin moving forward. Contact Lake Dermatology Leesburg FL, Johnny Gurgen Dermatology & Mohs Surgery now to take proper care of your skin!