Does My Rash Needs Medical Attention?

Are you experiencing unexplained, irritated or swollen skin? Sometimes itchy red bumps appear on our skin out of the blue. The average person may have a difficult time deciphering the seriousness of it and whether or not to seek medical attention. Oftentimes, rashes look very similar in appearance, but some can be more dangerous than others. Listed below is a variety tips to determine whether the use of over-the-counter product will suffice or if visiting a physician is indicated.

  • If a rash covers the entirely of the body, there may be reason for concern. Generally, this type of reaction occurs due to an allergy or an infection of the body and should be assessed by an expert to determine the cause.
  • If an individual is experiencing a rash that is accompanied by a fever, it can also be due to an infection or an allergic reaction. Scarlet fever, measles, mononucleosis, and shingles are a few rashes that are the result of an infection, and one should seek medical attention immediately.
  • A rash that appears suddenly and spreads rapidly can be serious. Generally, if a rash develops in this way, it is due to an allergic reaction. The body’s immune system sometimes interprets foreign substances as harmful and initiates this reaction. In this case, this kind of rash can be serious because it may interfere with breathing and other essential body functioning. A trip to the emergency room is advised.
  • Blistering on a rash can be dangerous. The causes of a blistering rash include an allergic reaction to medication or another internal cause. In a situation where a blistering rash occurs in areas around the mouth, eyes, or genitals, one should urgently seek medical attention.
  • A painful rash can indicate an underlying issue and should be evaluated by an expert.
  • An infected rash may develop yellow or green fluid, swollen skin, a scab, or a red streak. Additionally, the affected area may feel warm and painful. People have the tendency to scratch an irritated rash, but this can make the problem much worse.
  • Sudden spreading of bruise-like lesions is another indicator that it is time to visit a physician. Such an occurrence can reveal an underlying issue such as defect in your clotting cells. This is called vasculitis.
  • If a rash isn’t getting better with time and treatment, it may a sign that an infection has occurred as well. In this case, see a physician.
  • If you notice purple spots on your hands and feet, this may signify a bacterial infection of the heart. In this circumstance, it is important to seek advice from a medical professional.
  • A circular shaped rash could suggest Lyme disease. Seek attention if you notice a rash appearing round.

Stop using over-the- counter medication if your rash becomes itchy or blistery. Some individuals have an allergy to topical antibiotics such as bacitracin or neomycin, which are assessable in drug stores. It is also advised to take pictures of the rash when it first appears and as it progresses over time. This can be extremely helpful to the physician when establishing the severity of the situation.

Additionally your rash could be a result of undiagnosed dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or a variety of other skin conditions that can improve with proper medical treatment. A visit to the dermatologist can determine the cause and proper treatment so that you can find relief.

Dr. Gurgen and his team of dermatology experts can help you determine if your rash is something minor, or if there is a more urgent underlying reason for the rash. Our dermatology offices in The Villages and Leesburg remain open, and we are practicing CDC recommended procedures to prohibit the possible spread of COVID-19. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. (352)435-7695.