Advances And Challenges In Modern Dermatology

Whether it’s acne scars, age spots or sun damage, all of us are plagued by various skin issues. There is no need to let skin conditions plague you when modern dermatology has presented you with solutions.

Modern dermatology has advanced at a very rapid rate and presented many solutions to various skin issues. The use of the laser for treatment of a variety of skin problems is one such significant advance of modern dermatology. From lesions to acne scars to the removal of tattoos, laser treatment has proven its effectiveness. Light Amplification via Stimulated Emission of Radiation or simply laser is now an essential part of treating skin conditions.

Laser treatment is now successfully used to treat vascular lesions. These include port-wine stains, haemangiomas, and many others. The treatment of such lesions associated with smaller blood vessels is easier than with larger ones. Therefore, resorting to treatment as early as possible is important as blood vessels deepen with age. Laser treatment can help effectively fade these malformations with a few treatments. Side effects may include redness, swelling, crusting and rarely changes in texture and scarring.

Pigmented lesions that can be treated using laser includes freckles and birthmarks. The quantity of melanin and the color of the lesion will affect the results reaped from the treatment. Challenges include the risk of the development of permanent hypopigmentation or loss of skin color. Also, malignant melanoma induced by laser light treatment cannot be entirely ruled out. Therefore, malignancy must be ruled out before conducting any form of laser treatment.

Laser treatment is also now used to remove tattoos that are no longer wanted. Once you decide to do away with a tattoo, up to ten laser treatments may be necessary to get rid of it entirely. The laser used for the purpose will depend on the ink type, the depth of the tattoo and also the colors of the tattoo. Green, orange and yellow are regarded as the most difficult colors to be removed. Scarring may be a side effect as with other laser treatments.

Laser hair removal is now popular among many due to it being quicker and less painful. Several treatments may be needed with breaks between treatments. The required number of treatments and duration of breaks may be decided upon by considering the body area. Laser treatment has proven to be the most effective in the removal of dark hairs. As with others, scarring and pigmentary changes can occur as side effects.

Lasers are also used to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and sun damage. Atrophic acne scars which are the most difficult to treat are now treated using laser treatment. Laser resurfacing has also proven to be a valid form of treatment for various skin conditions. After treatment, redness, swelling, tenderness, and scarring may be present for several weeks.

Laser treatments for all these skin conditions and many more need to be conducted within utmost safety standards. Adequately trained personnel ensuring the safety of themselves and the patients must perform these treatments. At Lake Dermatology Leesburg, we make sure that our staff is thoroughly trained and qualified, providing the best services. More so, we ensure our patients’ safety above all else. Contact our office now to consult Dr. Gurgen about your skin issues.