Skin Checks

When it comes to the health of your skin, early detection is key—in fact, it can even save your life. Noticing changes as soon as they occur can greatly reduce your risk of skin cancer and other serious skin conditions. With this in mind, beyond regularly examining your skin yourself, it’s vital that you visit a dermatologist for annual skin checks. When an experienced dermatologist like Dr. Gurgen regularly evaluates your skin, it’s much easier to spot discolorations, growths, bumps or other abnormalities as they occur. Those abnormalities can then be tested and/or biopsied as appropriate, revealing any cause for concern as soon as possible.

We will provide you with award winning skin care and treatments.

Dr. Gurgen was awarded the Intendis Research Award and the Fifth annual North American Clinical Dermatologic Society Research Award in 2008. He was also chosen by patients to receive Patients' Choice Award. Dr. Gurgen was the recipient of the 2012 Award for Most Compassionate Doctor and the 2012 Patients' Choice Award as one of Florida's Favorite Physicians as voted on by his patients.

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